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I was trained by a world-leading Pilates organisation, and pride myself on helping people gain the most out of their Pilates. 


In addition to my own matwork classes, for the past five years, I have supported the fantastic work of Leighton Buzzard Chiropractic Clinic (, providing Pilates classes for their clients. Once again I have seen people struggling with various issues within their bodies, and have been able to share the excitement when they are rewarded with the benefits of regular Pilates.


Life is full of habits, both good and bad, and that goes for what we do with our bodies too.  Pilates doesn’t have to be something practised for just an hour within a class.  Its methods of movement can be easily translated into our everyday lives, helping us to improve posture, movement, body-awareness and prevent injury.  I hope you’ll be able to come along to one of my classes and see the benefits for yourself.

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